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About Us

We started as a small family business in 2004 and today we are proud to be the main provider of homecare services in the UK. In ten years we have grown from just one business to 200!

The story of our success is a testimony to the high quality homecare and support services that we provide to each of our customers. Our approach is to always put the customer first, we listen to what you tell us and provide the services that you want, just how you want them.  Our customers are in control, after all it is your home, so it must be your way.

What makes us different?

Our franchise business is unique in the UK.  Yes, we are a profit making business, but what makes us different is that our key motivation is quality.  We firmly believe that providing top quality care and support at home is the means to keep customers happy and to grow our business.  Our proven track record shows that this approach definitely works.

Latest News

With the aging population the need for care assistants within social care has never been greater

With the ageing population the need for care assistants within social care has never been greater. As we look at the needs of our population, we realise that there are things we can do as one of the main care providers.

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Bluebird Care is committed to ending loneliness

Over the course of 2017 we have seen an increased focus towards positive mental health, wellbeing and importantly a shift in the way people see loneliness.

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